If you’ve been in churches you’ve heard that word a lot. You’ve been encouraged to worship God in singing and when it’s good worship you have been moved emotionally.

Worship has become its own style in contemporary Christian music. It’s more popular then ever and we use this word constantly. But what does it mean? The answers come when we look at the life of Christ. How did Jesus talk about worship? The answer is simple, He didn’t. He didn’t have to. His life told people what worship looks like so his mouth didn’t have to. It seems like Jesus’ life can best be characterized by one word…


Complete, total, and unwavering.

Jesus was completely surrendered to the will of His father in every area of His life. He surrendered His relationships, dreams, his life to the sovereign will of His father. For Jesus, surrender and worship went hand in hand.

And so it comes down to us. It’s one thing to worship God when the songs are our favorites, it’s another thing to worship God with hearts surrendered to His will.

Worshipping God is feeding people who won’t eat unless you respond.

Worshipping God is treating coworkers with dignity and respect.

Worshipping God is placing your future in His able hands.

Worshipping God is trusting Jesus in the middle of the storm.

Worshipping God is laying your ambitions at the foot of the cross.

Worshipping God is opening your hands and your heart.

So today you’re invited to worship God, you’re invited to worship differently this time around. You’re invited to see worship differently this time around.