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Hey friends!

I have received your emails and calls asking for a recap on the tour and I apologize for taking almost three weeks to get things rolling. In all honesty it has taken this time for me to really process all that God did and all that we encountered on the road this time. I know I can say God blew us away and moved in a way that left us all speechless and humbled.

As I am finally sitting down here to write this I am finding it very difficult to even know where to begin. There were so many special moments, conversations, times of prayer, laughs, moments of victory, times of stress. I think best to share what I learned first and see where it goes from there.

It’s in the times where we feel the most “nonspiritual”  that God can really use us. God showed me a new side of His grace I had never scene. In our weakness He is strong…so true. He never failed us once. Every time we began to minister we felt so unprepared and yet every time God came through and saved the day. Sometimes I think He allows us to be in that state so He can work and we are empty. As the tour ran on we became more and more comfortable running on empty and relying on His spirit. Most of the time I didn’t completely know what God wanted us to do at a particular event until we on the stage half way through worship. We grew comfortable with that. Going into the concert or service believing God to come through and He did..every single time. Now understand I am not saying you shouldn’t prepare because i believe strongly in that…I just believe God operated this way this time to teach us a new level of trust.

This trip was also a time of clarity for the team. God began to speak to us on this tour and began to give each one of us the same word and vision. A NEW word and NEW vision. We saw what we are made of and more importantly where our passion and hearts are. Where does our passion and hearts thrive? THE CHURCH. This team or band or ministry or whatever you want to call us exist for the church. God gave us our mission and purpose and made it so clear it was undeniable. We have embraced it now and are running with all we have into the calling that Christ has placed before us. We are to be a resource to churches, to serve, to love, to hold up, to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and to help reach their cities for the Lord. I will be vulnerable with all of you. We have gone back and forth on who we were trying to reach. Who God has called us to reach. As music is our driving force we constantly have voices in the music industry telling us to go one way or another. People telling us how to make it big and become a famous christian artist. Telling us where we will be most successful blah blah blah. Well we will not be divided and swayed. We exist to be a part of the local churches all over the US and I do not care if we are ever famous or rich. I am moved by the kingdom of God and simply want to be obedient and run passionately with the call God has given me. I don’t want fame, I want influence.

There were so many amazing churches we had the privilege of spending time with and ministering in. So many awesome Pastors and leaders we got the honor to fellowship with. God joined our hearts with there ministries and churches and gave us a passion for their people. SO COOL!

I want to thank each one of you who prayed for us along the way. Your prayers sincerely impacted us and many other lives as well. Thank you to those who have and who are continuing to support us financially. Your contributions have stretched beyond and touched thousands of people now.


We are going to be hitting the road in September again for another  mini tour down through California again. I will update you as that gets closer.

We will also be jumping back in the studio soon to record our next project “Time for Love-EP” . We are excited to bring you brand new songs that have been written for the church and your congregations.

God is on the move and we are excited and so humbled to be a part of His kingdom. May we all continue to walk in His grace and love.

Love to you…AA

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